Quick Start Guide

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Get Account and Login!

You can get an account by sending a deposit, or by submitting your phone number.

We send you a login PIN via SMS and you can login.

Make a deposit


  • Dial *165#
  • Select 'Payments'
  • Select 'Lotto and Sports Betting'
  • Select 'ELITEBET'
  • Enter Payment Reference: WEB
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit to your Elitebet account.
  • Confirm and enter your Mobile Money PIN.


Send your funds to any of:

  • 0755 831 840
  • 0701 074 226
  • 0752 791 396
  • 0752 791 370

WHAT HAPPENS? When we receive your confirmed deposit we will send you an SMS and your account balance online will be updated. If it's your first deposit we will create for you an account and send you a login PIN.

Get Your Winnings!

You can withdraw your balance at any time in two ways:

  • Log in and go to Account -> Withdraw. Fill in the short form and we will send you your money. Normally this is done in five minutes, large amounts make take a little longer to confirm.
  • SMS the letter W plus the amount you want to withdraw to shortcode 7997. E.g. W 5000 will initiate a withdraw of UGX 5000.

Place a Normal Bet

Login and click Matches at the top of the page.

You will see the Win-Draw-Win prices for each fixture, the teams playing and their Kick Off time. Just click on the price to add it to your betslip. Click on more prices to add more selections to your bet. Once you're done, click on the betslip, check your stake and click Place Bet.

If you want different selections such as Half Time bets or Under/Over goals, click on the +Number sign on the right, under the kick off time.

Place a Full Cover Bet

A Full Cover bet is available when you choose between 3 and 8 selections. It splits your bet up into smaller bets which give you more chances to win. For more details on full cover bets please see the Full Cover page.

Place a Kyakabi! Bet

A Kyakabi! bet wins when all the teams you select score at least one goal. You can select between 3 and 15 teams and win up to 1350 your stake, to place this bet click on Kyakabi! on the top right.

See the Betslip?

The betslip is on the right - click or tap in the icon to see it.

See My Account?

To see your account transactions click Account -> Transactions at the top which will show all your bets and winnings on your account.

See My Previous Bets

Go to Account -> Transactions and click on the bet reference number. From here you can see your bets.

Cancel a Bet

Made a mistake? Changed your mind at the last minute? No problem. As long as no selection has kicked off, the prices haven't changed and it's within one hour of placing you can cancel the bet by going to Account -> Transactions -> Click the bet reference number and click the cancel button. This will be active if the three conditions are met.

Types of Bets

A bet consists of one or more selections. Selections are predictions of the outcomes of one match.

Unless otherwise stated, all our bets are settled on Normal Playing Time which is the scheduled playing time of the match plus any injury time added by the referee. It does not include extra time or penalty shoot out time. The Home Team is always the one listed first (on the left) in the fixture and the Away team is the one listed second (on the right), even if they are playing at a different venue. For more on this please see our rules.

A bet can be declared void if there are problems with the bet or the match, e.g. the kick off time was mistaken or the match was abandoned. If a selection is void it is refunded and if it's part of a larger bet the bet is decided on the basis of the remaining selections.

  • Win-Draw-Win or Match Result. Winners of this bet are decided by who has won the match (or if it's a draw) at Full Time.
  • Half Time is decided by who is winning at the half time point of the match.
  • Double Chance gives you two outcomes to back in one selection at Full Time: Home or Draw, Home or Away, or Away or Draw. You win if you back either of the two oucomes you selected.
  • Asian (Draw No Bet). You pick who will win, if the match is a draw, the selection is made void (you get a refund).
  • Unders/Overs 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 etc are decided on the total number of goals scored. For example, under 2.5 would be if there were 0, 1 or 2 goals scored in the match. Over 2.5 would be 3 or more goals scored in the match. This is also available for Half Time 1.5 goals.
  • Most Goals concerns the number of goals scored in each half of the match. You can choose first half, second half, or the same number of goals in each half.
  • Odd/Even is whether the number of goals scored will be odd or even in total. No goals is counted as even.
  • Half-Time Full Time predicts the outcome of the match at both half time and full time.
  • Goal - No Goal predicts whether both teams will score at least one goal. No Goal says that one or both teams will fail to score at least one goal. Goal says that both teams will score at least one goal.
  • Correct Score predicts the exact score at full time.
  • Handicap predictions are settled on the basis that one team is one or more goals ahead.

More Information

You can get more help by calling our support team. Also please note that our full terms and conditions and betting rules are available online.