Responsible Gambling

At Elitebet we have a duty towards our customers to encourage responsible gambling and keep gambling an enjoyable experience.

Remember These Seven Safety Tips:

  1. Don't think of gambling as a way to make money.

    Gambling is a form of entertainment and you should treat it as an entertainment expense rather than a way to make money. It is not a career and it is not a job.

  2. Only use money you can afford to lose.

    Use the funds you set aside for having fun. Never use money that you need for tuition, rent, food, or bills.

  3. Don't chase a loss.

    Don't try and win back money you've already lost. This generally leads to more risk-taking and bigger losses.

  4. Set Limits.

    Set a limit on the amount you can game with. When you have lost that amount, stop. If you win - enjoy.

  5. Don't bet when depressed or anxious.

    You may make decisions you regret - it can be hard to make sensible decisions when other factors are troubling you.

  6. Have a balanced life.

    Make sure that you enjoy other things in life such as the company of friends and family and a varied social life. Don't let gambling take over.

  7. Talk!

    If you feel you are having a problem please talk to us, we can help you self-exclude from our website and provide you with alternative sources of help. We are available at and our customer service numbers. We can provide you with more information and assistance. If you require more information please also check out: